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Does Your Business Need Continuous Improvement?

What is Continuous Improvement? The term Continuous Improvement is often considered as one of those things that businesses should do – much like being customer-centric. However, many businesses struggle to really make it part of their DNA and leverage the advantages that it can bring. Continuous Improvement is both a mindset and a methodology for […]

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When Customer Service Fails

Do you know what your customer service staff say to your customers? How are your customers really being treated? Every day, staff are interacting with customers. What impression do customers take away from their experience with your staff? Consider the following interaction between the service staff at a car dealership and a long standing customer […]

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Uncommon Service – Putting Customers at the Core of Your Business

A Refreshing and Pragmatic Approach On How To Deliver Excellent Customer Service “Uncommon Service – How to Win by Putting Customers at the Core of Your Business” By Frances Frei & Anne Morriss Published 2012 By Harvard Business Review Press – Create an environment within your organisation where all employees focus on delivering excellent customer […]

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Telco study recognises training requirement for customer service employees

Customer Service Employees Require Training – Customers Deserve Better Customer Service The latest customer service Australian Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman has been released today. Their survey found: more than half of the consumers (55 per cent) surveyed reported contact with their service providers five or more times to try and resolve an issue; more than half […]

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5 Questions for B2B Companies to Gain Customer Insights

5 Questions for B2B Companies to Gain Customer Insights It’s a relatively easy thing for a company to say that it is customer focused. It’s quite another to truly understand your customer’s needs. When was the last time you spoke directly with any of your customers in an effort to understand them and listen to […]

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What customers really think – Andy Hanselman

Great slideshare presentation by Andy Hanselman as a follow-up to his blog entry late last year … What customers really think – 30 stats on customer expectations and attitudes to customer service from Andy Hanselman

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