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Does Your Business Need Continuous Improvement?

What is Continuous Improvement? The term Continuous Improvement is often considered as one of those things that businesses should do – much like being customer-centric. However, many businesses struggle to really make it part of their DNA and leverage the advantages that it can bring. Continuous Improvement is both a mindset and a methodology for […]

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Improve Business Processes Through Automation

A Structured Approach To Business Process Improvement Most active business leaders take an approach to improving business process flows through a structured strategy of continuous process improvement. Historically, business process flows have been documented in written procedures using business process modelling notation, process flowcharts, and related methodologies. The software tools available now may have been refined at […]

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What Does ‘Top Management’ Commitment Mean for Management Systems?

There’s often some confusion, even apprehension, within organisations when asked about top management commitment in the context of one of the ISO management system standards.
Understanding this information is essential for members of your management team, and also important for the rest of your organisation to know that ‘top management’ is

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When Customer Service Fails

Do you know what your customer service staff say to your customers? How are your customers really being treated? Every day, staff are interacting with customers. What impression do customers take away from their experience with your staff? Consider the following interaction between the service staff at a car dealership and a long standing customer […]

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Touchpoints – improving leadership and employee engagement

Touchpoints – improving leadership and employee engagement When I first saw a reference to the new book, TouchPoints by Douglas R. Conant (2011), CEO of Campbell Soup Company, I immediately thought of “Moments of Truth” by Jan Carlzon (1987), CEO of Scandinavian Airlines. Touchpoints and Moments of Truth I had always thought of touchpoints as […]

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Employee Engagement Awareness on the Rise

Is Employee Engagement Awareness on the Rise? A review of current business articles highlighted a number of tweets, posts, and media articles over recent days and weeks that focus on employee engagement. This comes on the back of the media hype over the increase in online consumer sales, with Australian retailers being told to lift […]

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