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Does Your Business Need Continuous Improvement?

What is Continuous Improvement? The term Continuous Improvement is often considered as one of those things that businesses should do – much like being customer-centric. However, many businesses struggle to really make it part of their DNA and leverage the advantages that it can bring. Continuous Improvement is both a mindset and a methodology for […]

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What Does ‘Top Management’ Commitment Mean for Management Systems?

There’s often some confusion, even apprehension, within organisations when asked about top management commitment in the context of one of the ISO management system standards.
Understanding this information is essential for members of your management team, and also important for the rest of your organisation to know that ‘top management’ is

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Professional Services Case Study – Internal Audit

The Brief: To conduct a series of internal audits for a professional services organisation in line with the requirements of the ISO 9001 Quality Management Systems standard. The organisation had its annual surveillance audit scheduled within four months of contacting us. It’s management system was said to be well documented, but planned internal audits had […]

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Service Recovery Window

For organisations providing a service to customers (ie. most organisations), there will be times when the service delivery doesn’t match the customer’s expectations. This occurs when the customer’s expectations are not clearly understood or managed. Organisations that are specifically service-based, differ from those that manufacture products. In both instances, there is a requirement that needs […]

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Update fields in Word 2007

Many businesses rely on the use of fields within their Word documents. These fields often point to references within the document or file and path names for where a document is located (typically on a mapped drive on a fileserver), or a Table of Contents (TOC). To update all fields within Word 2003, change to […]

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New ISO9001 Quality Standard Published

The International Organisation for Standardization, ISO, has published the latest edition of the International Quality Mangement System Standard ISO 9001:2008. This new standard replaces the ISO 9001:2000 Standard. While the new standard does not significantly change the obligations of organisations working under the standard, it clarifies a number of terms and requirements of ISO 9001:2000 […]

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