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What's the plan?

As the year draws rapidly to a close, company executives and C-level managers are already looking ahead to the new year and its many challenges and opportunities. It's in the back of their mind as they go about preparing for the festive season. Even though they are winding down for the year, they are (often […]

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The Customer Is Not Always Right

No, I'm not referring here to the way we manage potentially abusive customers. You don't have to search too hard to find numerous postings about customer service. Rather, continuing on from my previous post, I'm exploring the gap between what a customer may request or say that they want, what they truly need, and the […]

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Customer Point of View

As a supplier, do you understand or appreciate what it is that your customers are really buying? Have you identified your market segment and have you profiled your ideal customer? It's so important to focus on what it is that you are delivering to your customers. What is the need that you are satisfying? Have […]

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Book Review - "Outside-In" by Steve Towers

Outside-In - The Secret of the 21st Century Leading Companies BP Group Press, 2010 Steve Towers has once again put pen to paper to present us with strategies that organisations may adopt to achieve success in today's ever-changing business landscape. An Outside-In Philosophy In suggesting that today's businesses are working with new rules and […]

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