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Process Mapping – its role in business process improvement

Business process mapping is one of many tools used in developing a process based management system. It provides a pictorial representation of a process. In this context, a business process is a series of steps within a specific activity that combine to produce a required outcome. Clearly understanding, defining, and mapping a business process is […]

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Business Process Training by BP Group

BP Group Business Process Training In March 2012, BP Group have scheduled business process training sessions in Australia. Certified Process Professional, CPP, sessions 1&2 have been scheduled in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne for March 2012. At the end of March and again in May, sessions have also been scheduled for New Zealand. Business Process Training […]

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What’s the plan?

As the year draws rapidly to a close, company executives and C-level managers are already looking ahead to the new year and its many challenges and opportunities. It’s in the back of their mind as they go about preparing for the festive season. Even though they are winding down for the year, they are (often […]

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Business Process Improvement or Customer Process Improvement?

Does your company need business process improvement? Where is the focus of your process improvement project? Does it focus on: – Business Process Improvement (BPI), or – Customer Process Improvement (CPI)? The aim of any organisation undertaking a process improvement project is to improve the efficiency of their operations and therefore reduce their costs and […]

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What makes a company successful?

Successful companies are easily identified, right? They are the ones that stand out from the crowd, others aspire to be like them, and individuals aspire to work for them. Internally, they have defined goals and a strategy that is clearly communicated; their business processes are defined; KPIs are set and tracked; resources are managed. But […]

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Customer Point of View

As a supplier, do you understand or appreciate what it is that your customers are really buying? Have you identified your market segment and have you profiled your ideal customer? It’s so important to focus on what it is that you are delivering to your customers. What is the need that you are satisfying? Have […]

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