Optimising Workflows and
Digitising Processes
for B2B companies
- since 2008

Business Challenges Today

We understand that businesses can be constrained through challenges such as -

Do you struggle to ensure and demonstrate compliance to Safety, Quality, Regulatory, or Customers' requirements?

Workers with inspector

Are your staff still relying on paper forms to create records and pass these to others for processing?

Are there key points in your organisation where bottlenecks exist, slowing down productivity?

Is your calendar filled with endless, excessive and  unproductive meetings, that constantly impact on efficiency?

Busy Schedule

Do you often have to base strategic decisions on outdated or incomplete summary reports?

Opportunities For Improvement

We have worked through the pain points that businesses can experience, and focus on providing pragmatic, fit-for-purpose solutions

Helping B2B Organisations With-

Project Management
R&D Projects
Order Fulfillment
Standards Compliance
Internal Communications
Service Delivery
Team and Task Management
Management Systems

How We Can Help

Customer Focus

Ensure that the products and services that you deliver meet your customer's needs

Business Processes

Adopt and embed a process approach across all of your business activities

Compliance and Best Practice

Implement relevant and appropriate standards for your business and compliance requirements

Strategic Planning And Measurement

Establish meaningful KPIs / OKRs - measure, analyse, and report what matters to your business

Digital Business Forms

• Custom Form Solutions
• Internal Forms
• External Forms
• Flexible Data Capture
• Readily Updated
• Responsive Design
• Reduce Processing Bottlenecks

Business Process Automation and Digital Transformation

• Automate repetitive tasks within your business workflow
• Review, update, and communicate tasks from wherever you, or your staff are located
• Enhance employee collaboration, engagement, and accountability
• Improve internal and external communication, and reduce meetings, even with remote working arrangements
• Improve efficiency and productivity
• Enhance quality of service, and increase employee and customer satisfaction

Business Process Improvement

Business Process Improvement, often abbreviated to BPI, is essential for all businesses wishing to remain competitive and profitable

Continuous Improvement

Business improvement itself is a process - in terms of standards and best practice, it is founded in continuous improvement


In order for a business to remain in business, it must continue to evolve by adapting to the ever-changing requirements of its customers and the industry in which it operates

Customer Satisfaction

Business Process Improvement provides a focus for Customer Satisfaction, reducing customer complaints, and reducing internal errors

Constant Change

If things are changing faster outside of your business than they are inside your business, then your business is being left behind
  • Radio and Telecommunications
  • Healthcare Services Team
  • Data and IT Systems
  • Engineering Support Providers
  • Technology and Innovation
  • Renewable Energy - Solar Array

Experience across industries

Over the many years that we've been operating, we have helped around 200 B2B companies, and countless management team members, across a wide range of industries
Companies and organisations that are each unique within their industry or market niche
Companies and organisations each with their own specific business process improvement projects and challenges

Some of the key B2B industries we have worked with include:

Utility and Engineering Support Providers
Radio and Telecommunications
Data and IT Systems Services
Technology and Innovation
Healthcare Services
Renewable Energy
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Improving Processes
Improves Performance

The design of your business processes, directly impacts on the performance of your business. By focussing on improving business processes, organisations can achieve both immediate and long-term gains. Improving business processes by eliminating activities that do not add value to your customers, and optimising those activities that do add value, will lead to improved customer satisfaction, reduced costs and increased revenue.
business processes
customer satisfaction

Customer Focused to 
Customer Centric

We help businesses bring clarity to their vision and order to their operations by providing a business consulting service, customised for your unique requirements – whether that is a customer service, office, or manufacturing environment. We work with you and your management team(s) to optimise the work flow and business processes across your organisation while maintaining a pragmatic strategic emphasis and customer-centric approach.


The essence of strategy is in choosing what not to do.

- Michael Porter

Simple Creativity

Making the simple complicated is commonplace;
making the complicated simple, awesomely simple, that's creativity.

- Charles Mingus

Strategies Managed - Operations Organised

Selecting A Business Process

Our Project Process

Process and Workflow Discovery

We conduct meetings and a workshop session with you, your management team, and relevant key stakeholders, to brainstorm and map the current key processes and workflows.

System Development

From the identified areas and priorities for improvement, we develop the required elements and work with you to validate them and meet your project objectives.


Depending on the project, we either train stakeholders in the use of the developed processes and tools, and/or assist in scaling up the use of the new system.

Flexible Delivery

Depending on your requirements, 
projects can be delivered either on site,
 completely on-line, or a mixture of both. 

Invariably, a portion of any project 
necessitates us working independently off site.

For those times when we are working with 
your staff, we aim to be as flexible as possible 
in order to minimise operational impacts.
Flexibility of working

Client Feedback

  • "Stephen helped Rehability to develop a robust Business system in order to successfully pass ISO9001 certification.

    We found the service of great value because it enabled us to progress our Business Management system strongly. Stephen is a clear communicator who was easily embraced by staff. He has EXCELLENT documentation and template development skills and a good ability to translate operational issues into Management strategy and business management system improvement. 

    We would be very likely to recommend Stephen to others.”
    Trevor Poole
    Rehability (Health Sector)
  • "Our current system was pre-historic and needed a total revamp.  We needed professional help in order to transition to the new standard and improve our existing system which had not been changed in 17 years.

    Stephen our consultant was fantastic.  He provided great value and we were very happy with his work.  I was happy to spend the money not just for compliance but to get the benefits of an upgraded system and we really do feel we have achieved that.

    Our auditor said that it is some of the best work he has ever seen."
    Stephen Elverd
    United Pacific Industries (Health Sector)
  • "Stephen was both knowledgeable and patient.  He offered guidance rather than instruction and based on his recommendations, we were able to implement a quality management system and pass certification within 3 months.  

    Stephen’s experience in process excellence was evident.  He quickly understood our existing business systems which allowed us to ameliorate existing processes before implementing anything new.  In the event we did implement new processes, he knowledgeably guided us on the most efficient way to do so that aligned with ISO 9001 standard.  He was readily available to consult and provided thoughtful, concise feedback when requested."
    Jane Bond
    SunPower Corporation (Renewable Energy Sector)
  • "Jonoco's existing management systems were quite basic so it was a case of virtually starting from scratch.

    From the very outset, the advice, support and experience that Stephen has provided has been invaluable.  His knowledge of business management systems is extensive and he always finds innovative solutions to the myriad of issues we faced on our journey to system compliance.

    Working together we have been able to create a business management system tailored to the nature and size of our business and we are grateful for his support.

    I would definitely recommend Stephen as a business management consultant for any business."
    Jeremy Kloppenborg
    Jonoco (Water Industry Sector)

Your Project

If your top management team are struggling with your Business Processes, Continuous Improvement, or Business Automation / Digital Transformation, either now or in the near future, then tell us about your project here.
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