Digitise Business Forms

Custom Form Solutions

Your business has unique forms for managing both internal and external data collection

Sometimes a single digital form can have a huge impact on your business workflow

Internal Forms

Leave Request
Operational Expense Claim
Travel Request
Capital Purchase Requisition
HR Details Update
Employee Onboarding
Safety Form
Inspection Form
Change Request
Project Sign-Off
Meeting Minutes
Checklists, etc

External Forms

Customer Enquiry
Customer Survey
Account Application
Supplier Registration
Employee Application
Contractor Update
Documentation Request
Project Status Request

Digital Forms

Make capturing data more flexible, immediate, and readily updated
Can be used equally on mobile devices as well as desktop computers

Improve Information Flow

Bottlenecks can occur at various points in your business workflow
Project Checkpoints
Status Updates
Job Handovers
Admin Approvals
These can all be points where work is delayed and costs increase

Implementing Digital Forms

For your business to make the most of digital forms, they need to be accessible to your staff, everywhere that they are. Fortunately, in today's era of connectivity, this is relatively easy. But there remains some choices that can directly impact on both the technical and functional aspects of your forms.


Form Hosting

- local server, company website, cloud provider

Form Fields

- types of form fields and functional flow that directly impacts on your users

Form Processing

- what happens to the form data that is submitted

In-House or Outsource

- develop and implement internally, or seek external experience
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