Telco study recognises training requirement for customer service employees

Customer Service Employees Require Training

– Customers Deserve Better Customer Service

The latest customer service Australian Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman has been released today. Their survey found:

  • more than half of the consumers (55 per cent) surveyed reported contact with their service providers five or more times to try and resolve an issue;
  • more than half of the consumers (54 per cent) said they raised the matter with their service provider at least a month before escalating it to the ombudsman;
  • most consumers (60 per cent) reported spending three or more hours unsuccessfully trying to solve their complaint;
  • one in five (20 per cent) saying they spent more than NINE HOURS resolving their complaint;
  • half (50 per cent) reported contact with more than three different departments;
  • the most common reasons for complaining to the TIO were because there was no solution offered by the service provider (39 per cent) or a promise to resolve the complaint was not kept (39 per cent).

Why do we keep putting up with this lack of customer service?

Will training for customer service employees really result in improving customer experience?

Or does the focus need to extend beyond training of customer service employees?

Download the full report here

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