Business Process Improvement

Definitions, Changes, Alignment

If you have any doubt about the importance of business processes, or if you are needing to instil the requirement for business process improvement in others, then take a look at this short video (by PEX Network), highlighting the importance of business processes in delivering customer service.

Two Aspects to Business Process Management

Business process management (BPM) typically incorporates two separate, but complementary disciplines.

  • One is that of computer simulations in various modelling software applications.
  • The other aspect is taking a managerial focus on business processes.

Both have roles to play. However, the latter is the one that we have found to provide the greatest return on investment, in the shortest timeframe.  Getting this right first, prior to implementing significant software solutions, will also save a lot of grief in the future.

Business Process Definitions Are Essential

Do you need to understand how effective your company procedures are? Do you need to understand the workflow within your organisation? Are you unsure where the problems lie within your organisation, but just know that processes and performance could be improved?

  • Gain a greater understanding of the utilisation of resources.
  • Break down silos that have formed within your organisation.
  • Increase internal communication and co-operation.
  • Align processes to meet customer needs.

Business Processes Change Over Time

Over time, business processes often change at a department or even employee level, without visibility to the rest of the organisation. Processes are adapted, some tasks are dropped, others tasks are added. Without a common understanding of what’s happening within an organisation, and particularly without alignment to strategic goals within all areas of an organisation, conflicting agendas will develop.

Business Process Improvement Workshops

We can customise a workshop package for your team that focuses on producing real results and improving process efficiencies that are aligned to your priorities.

We bring a range of methodologies to our projects, utilising the best options for given requirement.

The process of defining, documenting and improving your business processes will typically incorporate such internationally methodologies as:

  • Process approach and continuous improvement cycle, based on international management system standards
  • Customer Expectation Management and Business Process Improvement, based on various internationally proven methodologies

These methodologies are supplemented with a variety of additional contemporary approaches focusing on pragmatic solutions that meet customer requirements. Our aim is always to improve product and service delivery to your customers, reduce costs, and improve revenue.

Enhancing these methodologies is the depth of industry experience and qualifications of our hand-picked consultants. Not only are our consultants registered Lead Auditors, their specialties include Quality, Environment and OH&S management systems.

Your Project

If you have a specific project requirement that you feel we may be able to assist you with, either now or in the near future, then tell us about your project here

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