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Opinion by Richard Branson

“In business, there’s no such thing as a perfect 10” In this article, Richard Branson talks about his success and why it’s important to “look at your business or brand from the outside in”. There’s always room for improvement in product and service offerings. By placing ourselves in our customer’s shoes, we can understand their […]

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Do businesses need to change their business process management strategy?

If you are unaware, there is a groundswell occurring in the business process management arena. Business analysts and business process management practitioners are leading us in a new direction – one of “customer centricity” or “outside-in”. Particularly since the 1980s, businesses have been bombarded with various methods of business process improvement and quality management, including […]

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Article – Customer Focus

In an interview in February 2010 with Harvard Business School, Ranjay Gulati discusses his recent book release and the need for companies to focus in creatively delivering value to customers. He highlights the requirement for placing the customer first and provides a roadmap of stages that companies pass through in the journey to reach customer […]

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When should an SME embrace BPM?

Small and medium enterprises rarely focus on formally establishing business processes or how they will be managed from the outset. After all, businesses are typically started through the enthusiasm and passion of one or two individuals – and that passion is purely focused on just “doing the business”. Having (hopefully) identified a market need, the […]

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Update fields in Word 2007

Many businesses rely on the use of fields within their Word documents. These fields often point to references within the document or file and path names for where a document is located (typically on a mapped drive on a fileserver), or a Table of Contents (TOC). To update all fields within Word 2003, change to […]

Read More Releases “BPM Buyer’s Guide 2009” has released its BPM Buyer’s Guide for 2009. While this review of [tippy title=”BI” header=”on”] Business Intelligence[/tippy] and [tippy title=”ERP” header=”on”] Enterprise Resourse Planning[/tippy] software vendors is focussed on the USA market, it does highlight some of those areas seen as important to assess when reviewing the options for software selection. BPM Buyer’s Guide […]

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